The meeting of the American Historical Association (and the Conference on Latin American History) last week was the first time I’ve been back to the conference since I was on the job market (and interviewed for my current job), six years ago. It was a pleasure to see colleagues I rarely get to talk to in person and to catch up with old friends (including people who I count in both categories!). I was also very pleasantly surprised that we actually had a good turnout for our 8:30 AM panel on Saturday on Mexican anti-reelectionism. It was also a lovely opportunity to spend some time in Chicago, which is a city I still love so much after living there for so long during grad school at U Chicago and then my postdoc at Northwestern.

Last but not least, I also got to see my book on display for the first time, in Cambridge’s booth at the book fair. Photo by my editor, Debbie Gershenowitz, to whom I am so grateful for helping me to make my work into a book that I’m really proud of.